Future Focus Report 2024. Can you trust your data?
Data quality now tops the agenda in corporate, trust and fund services in 2024.
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Global Partner Region: Americas

Sean Andrews

Personal Biodata Sean Andrews is the co-founder and Managing Director of IDNet. Sean has a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University and has almost 30 years of experience in Information Technology.  Sean has exclusively handled all

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Carlos Ferreira

Personal Biodata Carlos Ferreira is the President and Founder of Aegis Limited. Carlos has over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry and provided 20 years of services related to Viewpoint applications.His extensive background spans a wide range of industries

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Norman Allen

Personal Biodata Norman Allen is an experienced technologist, with broad experience across various disciplines, including server management, virtualization, distributed computing, network security, and architecture. Norman Allen’s IT career has spanned higher education, as well as entertainment, utilities, transportation, and financial

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Dr Richard Collett

Personal Biodata Dr Richard Collett is the Managing Director and founding partner of Vantage Ltd. Richard has 25 years in the technology industry and 20 years providing trusted advisory and Viewpoint consultancy services to both onshore and offshore financial services

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Marc Haynes

Personal Biodata Marc Haynes has been actively involved in financial service and the banking arena for almost 20 years and with technology systems for over 25 years. Marc has held senior positions with financial and technical entities in New York,

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