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Integrated Document Management

A highly configurable, essential resource for modern entity management; providing secure access to any document or email at any time, from anywhere in the world. 

Key Features

Instant Easy

By being 100% configurable, storing in Connect Document Management is effortless, intuitive, consistent and efficient. However, to make things even easier for users, Document Management offers a multitude of automated storing options that provide instant, consistent and accurate storing every time.


Connect Document Management provides the ultimate in document accessibility. Not only can Viewpoint link any document to any entity or other record (e.g. passport to a Director) it can also link any document to supplemental information e.g. link minutes to meetings, tax returns to filings, contracts to agreements, titles to assets, statements to bank accounts.

Smart Searching

In addition to legal requirements, one of the main reasons for storing documents is to easily find them in the future. In addition to advanced parameterised searching, Connect Document Management uses recency centric searching to make the identification of the needed documents efficient and intuitive for everyone.

Task Management

Applicable to any document, including emails, Connect Document Management provides pre-configured user assigned tasks that are linked to stored objects such as word documents, scanned files and emails. The task management features include task assignment, dashboard integration, and reassignment, all fully transparent and with audit trail.

Email Management

As everyone’s primary communication format, it is paramount that emails sent and received are correctly and efficiently processed. Tightly integrating with MS Outlook embeds the Document Management component directly within Outlook. Features include automated rule-based storing, auto-versioning, multi-recipient meta-data, and advanced attachment handling.


Automated-Versioning control allows for easy access to previous versions and properties. In this way, users find it easy to effectively collaborate on documents stored in Connect Document Management.

Knowledge Sharing

To avoid inefficiencies and the risk of creating document 'Silos', Document Management provides a single centralised repository for documents, making possible effective knowledge and document sharing.

Integrated Scanning

Our versatile, integrated scanning offers both individual document and batch scanning with automated document user assignment features, allowing for easy and efficient distribution.

Comprehensive Security

A comprehensive, effective and flexible security model allows users to access only documents they are authorised to see plus maintains a highly configurable audit trail capable of capturing every possible event of any document.