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Flexible Reporting & Powerful MIS

The customisable Business Intelligence functionality seamlessly and securely leverages the information available in Viewpoint. A powerful, intuitive, role-based information platform for both regular users and management in their day to day and strategic decision-making activities.

Key Features

Structured Data

Either by component or holistically as a suite, Viewpoint Connect ‘out of the box’ offers a huge data set for BI purposes. However, with workflow content, definable compliance fields and unlimited user fields plus highly customisable standard dropdowns, there is literally an infinite range of structured data available.


To minimise the business impact, ensure maximum operational efficiency and productivity we provide a ‘reporting scheduled service’ to schedule hardware resource intensive tasks to be performed at low system usage times.


Authorised users can easily customise and create their own reports to add to the user library; without using specialist IT knowledge.


Multiple reporting formats are available to guarantee that at least one option is perfect for your current and future reporting and BI requirements. Options include best of breed standard SSRS reports, PDF editable reports, BAU templates (e.g. registers, summary pages), powerful excel reporting and XML reporting.


After 25 years of industry experience Viewpoint Connect includes standard report libraries of practical pre-configured yet user definable reports. Word, Excel and PDF generation are immediate, using easy to understand filters and selection that reflect the fields and values of the underlying data.


From a BI perspective, BPM offers an infinite scope and unparalleled data analysis possibilities. This is achieved by ‘joining’ the 100% configurable and conditional field features in BPM with the huge scope of the Viewpoint Connect standard data to create advanced reporting on any part of your business.


The BI Summary pages provide both an invaluable instant consolidated information points, plus they tightly integrate with BPM to provide a very convenient and efficient launching point for related workflow processes.

Business Templates

After 25 years of industry experience we include very comprehensive standard template/report libraries containing practical pre-configured best of breed reports and templates.


The state-of-the-art dashboards are context sensitive relevant to the area of Viewpoint Connect the users are operating within. Consequently, users can instantly see summary information in a pre-approved filterable user-friendly graphical format – thereby improving efficiency and accuracy of decision making.