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Comprehensive BPM

Unparalleled Business Process Management (BPM) functionality and practicality. Superb user guidance, consistent output and risk rated standard operating procedure compliance; plus the seamless integration leverages both existing and new data for fully considered decision making.

Key Features


Viewpoint contains a lot of pre-decision relevant information. Using this data directly in workflows, all users are efficiently and easily guided through even the most complex tasks. Any and all relevant information and documentation are made available to them in a single window.


The BPM in Viewpoint Connect & Engage is extremely configurable, making for easy and flexible SOP design. Using the dynamic conditional fields, a single workflow can cover any variation in a single process. This makes Viewpoint BPM a perfect intuitive tool for guiding users thoroughly, consistently and accurately through any task.

Compliance & Risk

Users diverting from SOP is no longer an option when using Connect Business Process Management (BPM); the dynamic data entry wizard, users will always follow a predefined process for any task. In addition, only approved data based on compliance can be transferred from the workflow to the entity.

Risk Rating

Integrating risk scoring into Viewpoint Connect BPM is revolutionary. BPM can be used to score both standard and non-standard Viewpoint data and data sets. This advanced functionality provides instant dynamic risk analysis with the added advantage of offering advanced Excel formulae within the scoring capabilities

Real World Centric

Entity management can be very complex. Connect BPM makes life easier with its very real-world centric BPM as workflows can be configured to reflect what really happens rather than theoretical practices, e.g. adding records during the on-boarding process, cyclic data approval processes etc.

Dynamic Efficiency

Using integrated dynamic conditions feature that intuitively guide users through processes without the need to be familiar with or using experts in every scenario.

BAU Management

Business As Usual (BAU) Management focuses on the here and now, featuring analyses workflows holistically and intrinsically to identify any process inefficiencies, bottlenecks and capacity opportunities that need to be mitigated.

KPI Management

Delivering improved operational and client servicing performance by optimising the effectiveness and efficiency of processes.

Service Management

Viewpoint Engage (previously the Client Servicing Portal) enables clients and front-office personnel to initiate any approved workflow as a service request, enabling workloads to be efficiently controlled and managed.