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Single Solution For Multiple Entities

Viewpoint Accounting is for entity managers who need a single multi-currency solution that caters for the accounts of multiple entities – internal and or client. It delivers efficient transaction and journal processing within a selection of customisable chart of accounts.

Key Features


At its core Viewpoint Accounting is a fully Multi-Currency solution that maintains a FX calendar with an unlimited number of historic exchange rates, that can be optionally applied at multiple levels including at system, entity, sub-account and journal levels.

Draft Entries

Pending and draft journaling are two of the most top-rated Viewpoint Accounting features. The journal types provide the flexibility to enter journals that can be edited, copied and/or immediately deleted prior to final posting. This is highly convenient for the user when preparing the financial accounts.

Journal Scripts

Journal Scripts are pre-defined and approved journal templates. These general and COA specific libraries which, similar to Business Process Management (BPM), provide users with certainty, consistency and completeness in entering approved journals for any type of transaction. Particularly useful for frequent or complex journals.

Versatile Chart Of
Accounts 'COA'

For Client Account professionals, the Viewpoint standard skeletal COA features are utopia. Essentially a centralised global library of accounts, it can be allocated and shared across different COA templates. With further ‘File-Level’ account filtering options available once the COA templates are assigned to a file.

Journal Quick Entry

Quick Journal Entry features provide another level of delivering flexibility to the users on how best to process their day to day accounting workloads, especially for inter-company and cash-book accounting.

Statement Processing

Capitalising on bank statements in an electronic format, Connect Accounting provides statement processing for both consolidated and individual accounts, delivering major efficiencies to the transaction entry, reconciliation and journaling processes.

Excel Integration

Connect Accounting harnesses the power and popularity of Excel by making extensive use of its integration for a library of best of breed customisable report templates. The integration also includes time saving, detailed, direct to excel data exports and time saving, excel import templates.

Payments And Approvals

Focusing on due diligence and governance, Connect Accounting provides users and approvers with a structured, feature rich and very transparent approach to timely approved payment management.

Cross Reporting

Connect Accounting cross-reporting capabilities provide a business intelligence platform to report across multiple or all general ledgers and transactions.