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Compliance &

A Comprehensive Fully
Integrated Solution

Entity management compliance can be highly complex. For that reason, Connect also provides a range of highly configurable regulatory, compliance and risk capabilities that perfectly integrate with every aspect of the Viewpoint Connect & Engage total solution.

Key Features


Client Due Diligence and Know Your Client information not only caters for both best of breed industry and regulatory standards, but also allows for an unlimited number of additional data sets to be maintained and reported on.


Leveraging the highly parameterised and configurable design of Viewpoint Connect, the dedicated Risk Scoring features allow for every data element to be assigned multiple risk scores. Based on the scores, the risk can then be objectively assessed depending on each entity’s or individual’s relationships and services provided.


The dedicated Reviews functionality allows an unlimited number of review types to be assigned and scheduled for both entities and individuals. With each type configured with its own requirements / date due actions and an optional roll-over, users are always aware of what reviews need to be done and by when.


For all reporting, including Compliance & Risk, the scope of data to report on is unparalleled in entity management. Whether by pre-determined reporting templates, regulatory reporting or ad-hoc reporting Viewpoint Connect has more reporting options and capabilities than any other entity management solution.


More than CDD & KYC data management, Viewpoint Connect provides a SOP/BPM platform that can dynamically guide users through every element of every standard operating process. This not only ensures all data is captured and appropriate approvals are obtained, but also every process is completed in a pre-approved risk managed manner.


Uniquely, Viewpoint Connect integrates data from eight core components. This provides for a holistic and complete compliance and risk analysis. Whilst at the same time integrates with ViewPoint engage to constantly provide authorised external parties to online submit updated information and documentation.

Data Validation

The rules-based File Review is the pinnacle of automated data validation. Highly configurable, the feature can review individual or all records linked to an Entity ensuring that users are immediately aware of any data issues.