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We had a problem with a competitor firm’s software, the Viewpoint Team stepped in at short notice; professionally demonstrated product – delivered implementation and initial aftercare from a standing start of 3 months and 4 weeks on site. Still a lot to do but confident in system and how it will improve the business and provide efficiencies.

Andrew Mackenzie

Director, Compliance Officer & MLRO

We are delighted to have gone live with Viewpoint: Thank you, to you and all your colleagues for your hard work, careful explanation of everything, patience, and commitment, which we have really been appreciated. As we have become more familiar with the Viewpoint system, we have become more and more impressed with it. Onboarding Viewpoint is a great development for IP and I am confident that we will really benefit from Viewpoint in our daily practice as corporate administrators.

In our close interaction over the last few months, we feel that we have really got to know you all, and we look forward to further positive interaction in the future.

Suzanne Gujadhur Bell

Managing Director
International Proximity

Our firm has used Viewpoint for 20 years, it is our backbone and holds vital information regarding our clients, companies and their assets. Navigation through the system is easy and information can be extracted very quickly which is essential in our business. Naturally there have been changes over the years, Viewpoint has always strived to be ahead of the times researching and providing solutions regarding FATCA, UBO Registers and all other local and external regulations that affect our industry. Our Viewpoint rep is very knowledgeable and experienced and is always accessible, ready to answer questions and lend a hand where necessary.  If there is one downside, it is with the share register and having to buyback/redeem shares in order to reclassify the share capital into more than one class.

Susan Gager

Head of Corporate Services
Line Group Limited

Great company, helpful staff and manage expectations well.


Antony Bentley-Roberts

Assistant Manager
Dohle Corporate & Trust Services Limited

It was always nice experience. People are knowledgeable.

Dusica Pokrajac Pirnat

Application Analyst

Always very good!

Jack Scarlett

Head of IT
The Fortress Group

There is a steep learning curve, however once the system is up and running with all processes integrated it is far more efficient.

Ed Claxton

Financial Reporting Manager
ED Capital Limited

I have been working with Viewpoint since around 1998 and consider myself a Viewpoint Geek! I enjoy the daily challenges Viewpoint gives and the fact that you are always learning something new. I have seen so many changes over the past 22 and am looking forward to the next big upgrade in 2021.

Tracy Anderson

Viewpoint System Manager
Sovereign Trust (Isle of Man) Limited

It is easy to reach out for support and queries and concerns are addressed quickly.

Maaike Jansen

Regional Training and Support Manager

In both my training plus the implementation process I have found Viewpoint representatives to be very attentive and solution driven. Their industry knowledge makes a difference and minimises the time and effort in explaining our requirements.

Sophie Savvopoulou

Head of Operational Excellence
Trident Trust Company (BVI) Limited

The recent upgrade to 7.4 was relatively straightforward and the Viewpoint Rep had a good understanding of our business.

Clair Burke

Managing Director
Tricor Services (BVI) Limited

We recently acquired efileConnect, the application is very user friendly and provides one of the best jurisdictional coverages compared to other products we’ve considered. Viewpoint has been very flexible throughout the procurement process and willing to accommodate our organization’s needs.

Izabella Koeijers

Portfolio Director RCS
TMF Group

We have been using Viewpoint since it was first introduced in Gibraltar. We have seen it evolution in line with the jurisdiction and our business sector’s needs, always keeping in mind not just the statutory but also regulatory obligations. In our Group, it is our bible, introducing the use of the software cross jurisdictional amongst our other offices. Having used other similar software programmes, certainly from experience this is the most complete for our needs.

Jenssen Ellul

Chief Operations Officer
The Gibro Group

All our company management systems are based around Viewpoint.

Paul Vincent

Steadfast Corporate Services

I have used Viewpoint for over 20 years at different levels in my profession. It’s a great database which always moves with the times and adapts efficiently to an ever-changing world. Assistance from the local VIEWPOINT rep is always close to hand and of a very high standard.

There are several features, but Document Manager and Workflows are very useful.

Nick Pitaluga

Managing Director
Gibraltar International Trust Corporation Limited

Adaptability, Responsiveness, Timeliness.

Li Jing Sow

Senior Executive

I have been working with Viewpoint for a number of years and the experience has always been very positive. The representatives understand exactly what we need and always find a way to address our requirements efficiently with a professional, helpful and pleasant approach.

The system is also very reliable and has made our processes much more efficient. It covers all aspects of the corporate services business requirements, it is very easy to use and efficient.

Anita Mirasole

Head – Trusts & Corporate Services
GVZH Trustees Ltd

Very positive. I like that Viewpoint reacts quickly to changes in global and local requirements and that feedback is taken on board and, where possible, acted on. I also appreciate that representatives from head office are committed to coming out and providing presentations/training, and engaging with users, when there are new features.

The fact is, that it is quite all-encompassing.

Taryn Avellano


Viewpoint has become an essential part of our working practices, our local Viewpoint Rep understands our needs and requirements and more importantly understands our industry. Our Viewpoint Rep is effective and responsive. The most useful feature is the flow from Database to Document Manager. Viewpoint will do as much as you want it to do.

Kate Bentley

Managing Director
Fiduciary Group

We have been Viewpoint customers for almost 25 years now, here in the IOM and throughout our worldwide network of offices. We were a pilot site for Document Manager and now wonder how we managed without it. All information needed is now at your fingertips and Viewpoint has been our Group-wide solution which has expanded with us over the years. They are always quick to add on extra services needed in this ever-changing world with increasing reporting requirements. They are always very helpful and quick to respond.

Diane Dentith

Managing Director
Sovereign Trust (IOM) Limited

I have a good working relationship with Viewpoint and always find their representatives to be knowledgeable and professional. As an accountant, I find the journal quick entry function useful.

Victoria Reynolds

Client Accounts Manager
Aston International Limited

Excellent. In comparison to other products used in the jurisdiction it is far superior. Viewpoint provides instant access to information, form generation saves lots of time, reports make it easy to complete other regulatory requirements on an annual basis, helps to keep track of annual statutory requirements.

Catherine MacEwen

Corinthian Trust Company Limited

Veiwpoint is easy for staff to use, and does exactly what the Bank wants it to do. Some more features help certain departments store their own documents, as not all departments deal with client/master files directly. It’s user friendly, good features, efficient. The Interface looks good and with good support.

Craig Henwood

Senior Systems Analyst
Turicum Private Bank (Gibraltar) Ltd.

Value for money and covers mostly of what we need, the Viewpoint team are fast/response on technical support issues.

Conrado Sambat

IT Manager

Viewpoint offers, integration and crossreferencing plus automation via workflows, five best points:

  • All in one solution
  • Company secretarial
  • Workflow automation
  • User defined fields
  • Ability to import data


I-Cap Group

Straight forward to use and the majority of the time, end-user friendly:

  • Multiple module software
  • Flexible configuration
  • Good Client service & response times
  • Adaptability
  • Visually pleasing

Sean Le Beuvant

Regional Operations Project Manager
Trident Trust Company Limited

Viewpoint services are provided in a timely manner with extreme levels of competence. All engineers are very helpful and deal with all queries and information in a timely manner that is great with our business objectives. The five top points would be; user friendly, great advice/guidance, reasonably priced, understand the need for quality of service and the core system is designed for each company – changeable.

Assistant Manager

Döhle Corporate and Trust Services Limited

Trusted, reliable and easy to use.


Head of Finance


Modular, configured out of the box, SaaS, excellent staff, pre-configured, modular, intuitive to use, overall – excellent.

Technical Lead


Speaking in a former capacity, the integrated nature and document production is very good. Five top points; integration, document management and on-going costs (post implementation).


JP Morgan

Above all else, I like the reporting and configuaration capabilties. Best features would be; configuration, reporting, family oriented service support, array of capabilities, prepopulating documents. Rate as excellent.


Karl Formosa

Operations Manager
Integrated-Capabilities (Malta) Ltd

Viewpoint is a user-friendly environment and the support team are approachable and accommodating.

Best features:

  1. Business Intelligence and Reporting
  2. Accounting Features
  3. Project Collaboration
  4. Resource Management
  5. Streamline Project Workflow

Business Systems Support Analyst

Citco International Support Services Limited – Philippine ROHQ

Reporting capabilities and workflows assist hugely in Compliance issues. The structure of entities is easy to see, compliance functions are very helpful, AEOI functions also very helpful, overall, excellent.


Queensgate Bank & Trust

Great product which I am transforming the businesses into using it as the A-Z of what they do. Best features; Integrated DMS. Solid Workflow creation. Good Time Management. Decent reporting. A large library of system documents which can be used / configured.

Gary Durkin

Trust & Corporate Services Transformation Consultant
Bermuda Commercial Bank

Viewpoint best features:

1 Speed
2 Ease of use
3 Efficiency
4 High performance
5 Communication


Bracken Rothwell Limited

Viewpoint offers the ability to heavily automate many aspects of the accounts work (imports etc.).

Five best points:

  • Highly customisable reports
  • Easy to pull data across many clients quickly
  • Building imports saves a lot of time
  • Integrated solution, efficiencies from using a single system
  • Standard charts of accounts etc. saves a lot of time in client set up

Financial Controller

Integrated-Capabilities Ltd

Viewpoint offers consistency in setup. Flexiblility to customize to local environment. Up-to-date to market requirements. Best features include:

  1. Integrated system
  2. Export functionalities (CRS, FATCA, BOSS/BOR, ES etc)
  3. Standard system
  4. Very good on COSEC area
  5. Great automating features for scheduling of tasks

Regional Team Lead Application Support SCNA

TMF Group

Simple to use, user friendly and good support despite time difference.

Having the different modules in one place and linked.  Support is quick and easy to access.

Development is an open floor for users to suggest improvements. Flexible to the changes in Legislation. Quite an active pipeline for development / bug fixes. Excellent.


Senior Business Systems Analyst