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World's Leading Global
Management Solution

The core of the Viewpoint Solution for 25+ years, Entity Administration delivers a global scope, depth of functionality and ease of use to make it the leading and professionals choice of global entity governance solution.

Key Features

Assets Under Management 'AUM'

A simple yet comprehensive asset register to manage the non-accounting aspects of AUM including advanced asset details, customisable asset type specific fields that includes per asset transaction management with integrated document and BPM linking.


Providing easy management of any type of recurring or ad-hoc filing including tax returns, Financial Accounts, AEOI, DAC6, Economic Substance, VAT etc. Suitable for any jurisdiction and any entity type, Filings provide end-to-end processing of the filing process for each filing type.

Automated Documentation      

To ensure 100% consistency and accuracy, whether it be statutory forms, minutes, resolutions or any other required document Connect Entity Administration can prompt users with exactly the right documentation – auto populated and jurisdictionally relevant – for the event they are performing.


Connect Entity Administration currently supports 300+ unique entity types in more than 80 jurisdictions and can be easily be configured to support all entity types in all jurisdictions across the globe. Viewpoints unique ‘Entity Model’ settings allow each entity to be specifically configured to provide users with exactly the right configuration for the entity they are working on.


Records relating to direct and indirect ownership for entities of all types must be meticulous and beyond the toughest scrutiny. Entity Administration offers a comprehensive range of practical, easy to use and regulatory compliant ownership management features for viewing and exploring ownership from every possible angle – including highly configurable Organisation / Structure Chart functionality.

360 Management
& Control

The management and control of multiple entities and their related activities has never been easier. In addition to state-of-the-art dashboards, workflow management, detailed enquiry and reporting Managers and Supervisors have a range of oversight filters to instantly see all or specific members past, current and future actions.


From statutory officers to professional relations, family members to beneficiaries, UBO’s to shareholders Entity Administration captures any and all possible relationship types that could be required. The practical segregation by relationship type that provides dynamic user guidance to ensure that all necessary information relevant to each role is captured. Coupled with the global Relationship Enquiry features entity managers receive a holistic view of the entities they manage and the roles of the relations thereof involved.


Connect Entity Administration eases the administrative burden of Meetings Management by providing end to end meeting management. An unlimited number of meeting types can be configured with properties, including the frequency, regular addresses, attendees and proxies. Users and meeting attendees can be automatically notified of future meetings and even ‘Documentation Board-Packs’ automatically circulated.

Business Process
Management 'BPM'

The dynamic highly configurable BPM platform allows for precision, extensive knowledge and consistency while at the same time using risk assessed day to day processes to efficiently service clients. Entity Administration BPM provides controlled user guidance to any process to be initiated, reviewed, cross-referenced, and approved prior to updating the system.