ViewPoint offers a variety of integrated dynamic workflow capabilities that can open up a whole new range of possibilities in defining and managing your own organisational and user workflows.
Workflow Libraries
ViewPoint Workflow templates not only provide users with an invaluable step by step guidance on who needs to do what and by when, they also provide a mechanism for organisations to...
Client Definable Steps
Reflecting operational reality, each Workflow template consists of a series of sequential steps. The steps are more than just a series of simple instructions as each one can be configured...
Screen Integration
In order to accurately and efficiently guide users on exactly what data is required for each particular process each workflow step can be configured to either replicate the data entry fields...
Intuitive logic
The defined Workflow steps use an intuitive logic which makes the feature much more than a passive, computerised procedure manual. The logic is condition based and is crucial...
Scheduling and Monitoring
Workflow steps not only help guide users through tasks to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy but also provide an effective mechanism to schedule incoming work and monitor the...
Simple User Interface
Individual Workflows can be presented visually using a simple flowchart view allowing details of the respective user’s progression through the defined steps to be rapidly assessed.
Email Reminders
Users can opt to receive email updates in respect of assigned workflows. The email updates can include reminders of new and outstanding workflows or steps thereof.
Other Task Orientated Features
To keep all actionable items on the radar in addition to ViewPoint Workflows there are a number of other task orientated features available. These include the Automated To-Do List, File...
Streamlined and Instinctively Efficient
By following predefined streamlined processes users are not only assured to be working consistently and efficiently but they and their management can better view and manage current and future work in progress.
Reduced Risk
Providing users with dynamic pre-approved and risk assessed step by step guidance on every part of a process ensures that all users know and complete all the steps necessary in any given process.
Lowering Costs
Carefully and comprehensively prepared workflow process tasks provide a number of cost saving possibilities to be achieved throughout the service providers’ organisation.
Improved Client Servicing
By removing individual users’ differing opinions on what needs to be done for each service, predefined workflows ensure that service is consistently provided in a timely manner.
Revenue Opportunity Analysis
Utilising workflows in combination with standard and/or unique client relationship information available within ViewPoint provides service providers with significant business intelligence analysis opportunities.
Improved Compliance and Control
Service providers can design their processes not only to meet their own specific requirements but also to ensure that the appropriate best business and regulatory practices and requirements are incorporated into the steps of ...