Revenue Opportunity Analysis
Utilising workflows in combination with standard and/or unique client relationship information available within ViewPoint provides service providers with significant business intelligence analysis opportunities.

The frequency and demand for specific or particular categories of processes can be analysed to identify potential trends in particular
   market segments which could be further leveraged to other clients in the same segment or promoted to clients in other markets.
Details such as total time spent or income derived from workflows can be easily identified and compared e.g. by user, client, region,
   or team etc.
Comparing different users’ rate of progression and/or completion of workflows can help identify average process completion
   standards. This can be used for a variety of practical purposes, such as (a) ensure the associated fees are appropriately set (b)
   identify user training needs and (c) determine optimal resource allocation and capacity planning.
Management and supervisors have unparalleled access to view the global, team and user’s current and known work-in-progress so
   as to ensure that issues/bottlenecks/urgent action items can be identified and managed before they become an issue.