As the pace of technology change is ever increasing, the users of core business solutions need to be able to trust their solution partners to appropriately use that technology in a realistically sustainable manner.

ViewPoint takes this responsibility seriously and is constantly looking to the latest technologies and trends to ensure that our solutions are developed and equipped for when future technologies become the convention.
The state of the art application server technology utilised by ViewPoint provides clients not only with the latest network access to ViewPoint, but also with the opportunity to utilise ‘thin client’ options so that ViewPoint can be accessed as either a standard network solution or securely via the Internet or intranet.
By using the Microsoft .NET framework as the basis of our development environment our clients have the assurance that ViewPoint is and will continue to be compatible with the mainstream technologies including Microsoft Windows and Office.
In addition to offering advantages such as minimal workstation configuration and low cost of ownership, the application server architecture design of ViewPoint is highly scalable to provide a virtually unrestricted capacity for ViewPoint to grow as your organisation grows.
The application server provides the option to integrate the ViewPoint solution with cloud services, electronic messaging and bespoke interfaces. This applies to virtually all functional areas within the application.
We understand that there are many reasons not to rush into implementing the latest release and technology. This is why ViewPoint has always been committed to the on-going support of its previous version for many years after it has been superseded.