practice manager
Practice Manager consists of three elements: Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Time & Disbursements. Each element integrates with the others to provide a single comprehensive solution for the sales, purchase, time charging and recovery operations of professional wealth and entity management organisations.
Below is a brief overview of what our clients need from ViewPoint and some examples of how their needs are met and more often than not exceeded.
Simplified and Accurate Invoicing
Editable draft/pro-forma invoicing and approval features bring flexibility and improved the invoicing process control whilst helping to prevent embarrassing invoicing errors and the time wasted...
Recurring/Fixed/Ad-Valorem Fees
Key to professional service and entity management invoicing, Practice Manager includes an extensive range of easy to use and highly effective recurring, fixed and ad-valorem fee billing...
Matters and Projects
As well as to distinguish different projects/cases and business lines, Matters include a number of practical options to bring greater flexibility and control to billing operations.
With reporting options including standard reports, highly customisable template based Microsoft Word and Excel reports and the powerful Custom Reporting options there is a virtually...
The simple and informative settlements interface provides a clear view of what is outstanding and previously settled plus a comprehensive and practical range of user friendly settlement features..
Government/Third Party Fee Management
Brings efficiency and clarity to complex and time consuming collection, management and disbursement of government fees, duties and third party fees etc.
Time Recording
The simple to use and highly configurable time recording features allow users to easily capture their time whilst keeping them aware of their own productivity targets and client accumulated...
‘Out of Pocket’ Disbursement Recovery
‘Out of Pocket’ expenses, such as telephone, postage and travel expenses, are easily recorded and efficiently recharged with an option to automatically add a premium to recover administrative...
Purchase Ledger provides a range of down-to-earth practical features and reporting tools to help bring clarity and control to all aspects of the Accounts Payable lifecycle.
Comprehensive and Relevant
Unlike generic ‘off the shelf’ sales ledger applications Practice Manager has been designed specifically for the needs of professionals working in the financial, legal and particularly the entity management industry.
Integrated Single Solution
As well as avoiding the pitfalls that disparate systems present, Practice Manager integrates the data and features available in the other ViewPoint modules to benefit the accounts receivable...
Flexible  ‘Multi’ Solution
In addition to the convenience of being a multi-currency solution Practice Manager offers a range of other ‘multi’ options that can offer useful diversity to the configuration of Accounts Receivable and Payable profiles.
Effective Debtor Management
As an all-encompassing approach to debtor management, Practice Manager promotes automation not only to reduce human error but also to promote efficiency in all aspects of the invoicing life cycle.
Improving User Awareness
As aware users are less likely to make errors or waste time on inactive/bad debt files, Practice Manager users are constantly and proactively informed about the WIP and O/S debtor status of the file they are working on.
Improved Cash Management
Even in the most profitable organisation cash flow and cash management is crucial to operating effectively and optimising future investments for it.
Improved Management & Control
A range of user role based control features reduces the risk of user error and improves data quality, thereby optimising the virtually infinite WIP, Sales and Purchase ledger reporting capabilities.
Works the way you want to
Recognising that different service providers have different processes Practice Manager provides a very high level of flexibility to both the Billing File configuration and Accounts Receivable and Payable processes.
Revenue Increasing Options
A comprehensive variety of charging methods offers service providers the opportunity to introduce new billing procedures that can be tailored to the needs of their clients and to optimise revenue. 
Reducing Cost by Promoting Efficiency
With the workflow intrinsic to the design of many features and the focus on standardisation and automation of the WIP, Sales and Purchase ledger activities the risk of human error is removed and processes are delivered efficiently.
Ensure Accuracy
With virtually every feature designed to ensure accuracy, any future embarrassing, time consuming and potentially expensive user errors in the invoicing and settlements processes can be easily avoided.
Standardised Customisable Outputs
With a highly customisable template approach to sales and purchase ledger documents (e.g. invoices, statements etc.) outputs are consistently prepared in a format that is easily understood (and quickly settled) by clients.
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Draft Invoices
Recurring Fees
Time Sheet
WIP Review Billing