Reducing Cost by Promoting Efficiency
With the workflow intrinsic to the design of many features and the focus on standardisation and automation of the WIP,
Sales and Purchase ledger activities the risk of human error is removed and processes are delivered efficiently.

Invoice detail line templates to accurately predefine the invoice content for instant and thorough invoicing
   of common services.
Description short-cuts provide users consistent editable predefined ‘client-friendly’ service relevant
   standardised WIP descriptions for users to select when entering time.
Batch invoice production and generation features highly automate the creation of WIP and annual fee
   invoice production.
Editable Draft/Pro-forma invoices significantly reduce the need for time consuming raising of credit
   notes to apply invoice corrections.
FX import tool with variance validation not only reduces data entry time but also helps avoid the
   wasteful time spent searching for and correcting FX posting errors.