entity administrator
With over 15 years of continual development, ViewPoint Entity Administrator is more than a statutory data repository. It is a dynamic best of breed entity management solution capable of managing an unlimited number of entities of any type from any country.
Below is a selection of the benefits and features available within ViewPoint Entity Administrator.
Entity Model
Pre-configured with over 200 different entity types for more than 40 jurisdictions to ensure users are prompted with only the screens and fields that are relevant to both the jurisdiction...
More than Due Diligence and KYC, Entity Administrator is a comprehensive solution for all aspects of compliance management..
Detailed Share Register
Thorough, uncomplicated and easy-to-use share register with statute-based features to allow detailed but simple share management.
Automated Document Generation
Accurate and timely document production using automated, event linked, powerful document generation functionalities that intuitively prompt users with pre-populated documents relevant...
Ownership, Relations and Structure Analysis
Ownership and structure analysis features provide expand/collapse, drill-down options and instant structure charts of direct and indirect, ownership and officer/relation details.
Managing Change
Minimising the user workload and yet ensuring accuracy, the simple Global Change feature can update the entire database and prompt users with all the documentation relevant to the change.
Officers & Relations
Maintains the personal and relationship details of both the core statutory officers (e.g. directors, trustees, founders etc.) and all non-statutory relations (e.g. power of attorney holders....
Meeting Management
From the initial organisation, notification, document circulation, holding and recording the outcomes of any type of meeting, the meeting management capabilities...
Investment and Asset Tracking
Asset and liability tracking features that provide users with snapshot view of the current status of bank accounts, properties, chattels, investments and loans including a historic transaction...
Secure, Role Based Secuity
Highly configurable tiered and user role based security to effectively manage which users are authorised to access, add new or update existing information.
Centralised Master File  
All records are created as a unique Master File that is progressively configured...
Correspondence Generator/Register  
For error free standardised precedents of any type, including letter headed...
Centralised Address Book  
Avoiding duplication and error, each address is captured only once then...
Safe Custody Register  
To help maintain the integrity and well-being of safe custody documents...
To ensure that a file is in goodstanding, the Dashboard provides a single view ...
Compliance Register  
A useful and distinct (for optional confidentiality) feature to record and monitor...
Compliance, Due Diligence & KYC  
The best of practice compliance information is conveniently captured in a single...
File Archives Register  
Record all on and off site archived files together with a movements register...
Relationship Management  
Effectively capture any type of relationship that exists between records...
For those that do not need to update information the easy-to-use...
Ensuring that users are always fully aware of important matters relating to any...
User Fields  
To maintain any organisation unique data requirements there are a range of client...
File Notes  
As both a personal and shared aide memoire, categorised file notes allows...
Based on predefined yet customisable rules, a system review will prompt users...
Trusted Solution
Regular incremental enhancements follow the needs and suggestions of our international user base. As a result all ViewPoint clients benefit from what has progressively developed into a genuinely international best of breed...
Encourages User Buy-In
To overcome the reasons users cite for not updating systems, every aspect of Entity Administrator is designed to encourage users to rely on ViewPoint for virtually all their administrative, document and reporting needs.
Much More Than a Data Repository
An enormous amount of varied data can be captured within Entity Administrator but where ViewPoint distinguishes itself is the administrative tools that enable users to access their day to day roles.
Improving Client Relationship Management
Entity Administrator presents relevant, readily accessible and easily digestible client and entity information that help users to effectively and efficiently manage their clients.
Aiding Compliance and Risk Management
Client Due Diligence is an important part of compliance and risk management; this is only one aspect of Compliance and Risk Management with which Entity Administrator can help.
Easily Accessible and Useable Management Information
All of the data information within Entity Administrator is readily and easily accessible in a variety of easy to use and instant formats thereby empowering both users and management to be more informed prior to undertaking actions...
Peace of Mind
Recognising the privacy requirements relating to selected data, ViewPoint Entity Administrator offers a range of security options that address the most demanding confidentiality and data segregation needs.
Accurate by Default
The centralised Master File/Record and Address Card concept promotes accuracy and allows a single update to be immediately reflected throughout related records (e.g. Registered Office changes).
Improving Efficiency, Lowering Cost
Efficiency gains, such as instant information accessibility and error free automated document generation, are the most significant and immediate benefits realised when implementing Entity Administrator.
Reducing Error and Associated Cost
Over 700 easily customisable templates with predefined content for standard documents and correspondence significantly reduces the risk and associated cost of human error.
Easily Tailored
As no two service providers operations or needs are exactly the same Entity Administrator can be very highly and easily customised to meet even the most demanding of user needs.