document manager
Document Manager is an easy to use and versatile document storage, retrieval, generation and task management solution. Once installed it proves to be such an invaluable tool for users that they are amazed how they managed without it before.
Below is a brief overview of what they need from ViewPoint and some examples of how their needs are met and more often than not exceeded.
Storing Documents
Quick and simple to use plus tightly integrated with Microsoft Office to offer automated, accurate and consistent storing of documents in any file format.
Document Retrieval
With a variety of searching options (including content based searching) users can find documents instantly and avoid time wastage looking or waiting for paper files.
Email Integration
Whether it be generation, automated recognition or storing, email as the most common correspondence format is very tightly integrated within Document Manager.
Precedent Libraries
A categorised precedent library offers users consistent, controlled and accurate documents and emails that can optionally include extracted system data e.g. debtor information.
The integrated scanning tools support both workstation and network scanning of individual and batches of multiple documents plus a host of other easy to use practical features.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
With OCR, ViewPoint generated documents are instantly recognised and automatically indexed making the storage of scanned documents as efficient as possible.
Task Management
To ensure that users know what they need to do and by when Document Manager includes a range of simple and complex task management options.
Document Security
Sophisticated yet unobtrusive security technology, configuration and audit trail options carefully control exactly which documents and document types users can access.
Highly Configurable
Everything in Document Manager including the cabinet structure design and indexing criteria are completely customisable, allowing storage and retrieval requirements to be configured...
Encourages Document Storage
Easy to use storage tools with wizards, drag and drop and automated storing features help make document, file and email storage quick and easy, thereby encouraging users to utilise Document Manager.
Instantly Accessible
There is little point in storing documents if users cannot intuitively and quickly find them. To help Document Manager offers a variety of easy to use searching tools that include parameterised and document content searching.
Improved Governance
As the legal requirements of the handling, storing, accessibility and retention of documents (including emails) become more onerous Document Manager provides a simple yet effective tool to help ensure the right document governance...
Lowering Operational Risk
Guiding users through pre-approved and risk assessed workflow processes not only ensure that work is accurately undertaken and 100% completed in a consistent manner but also provides management and users alike with superb...
Reducing Costs
As well as a range of other benefits Document Manager can help significantly reduce the total ‘paper related’ costs in your operations
Increasing Revenue
Replacing onsite physical copies of documents with electronic copies stored within Document Manager makes it possible to transform costly ‘dead’ floor space into productive revenue generating floor space.
Effective Client Servicing
The customisable workflow features allow for any client serving request to be undertaken in the most effective, consistent and efficient manner to help ensure value for money, timely completion and bolster client satisfaction.
Improved Control
Document Manager brings a controlled structured and secure environment to store, collaborate and access documents thereby overcoming the control issues of shared network drives.
Confidentiality is important so in addition to protecting documents from unauthorised sight Document Manager offers integrity protection of electronic documents and security of physical documents.
Optimising User Efficiency
Instant storing and accessing of documents is an enormous time saver that helps users become more efficient.
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