client servicing portal
The Client Servicing Portal is a secure platform for your clients which goes beyond enabling online access to data, allowing authorised users to upload documents and initiating both ad-hoc
or standardised service requests.
Client Self Service
The Client Servicing Portal provides clients and intermediaries with an on-demand gateway to selected and approved entity, relationship information and documents residing in your ViewPoint system.
Rather than simply providing a one way interface for clients to access information, the ability to upload data and documents via the Client Servicing Portal provides an efficient and...
Client Service Request
Clients have the ability to initiate a range of administrative service requests by choosing from a library of parameterised tasks. On selection, the service request prompts clients to enter...
Workflow Tracking
The integration of client service requests with ViewPoint Workflows allows clients to view the component steps of each service request. As a result, clients can monitor the progress of...
The Client Servicing Portal provides a centralised messaging hub which can either work in conjunction with email applications such as client specific email distribution lists...
The Client Servicing Portal integrates extensively with the service provider’s core ViewPoint environment. The scope of the integration can extend to accessing multiple ViewPoint environments...
The Client Servicing Portal is a secure platform utilising standard internet SSL security technology. Additionally it contains only data and documents that have been specifically authorised...
Audit Log
The Client Servicing Portal offers a configurable audit trail enabling the service provider to select which user activity is to be maintained in the audit trail.
Improved Client Servicing
The ViewPoint Client Servicing Portal offers much more than a static data and basic document repository; it provides clients with a dynamic and fully integrated online servicing and collaboration solution.
Real Time and Secure Communication
With client and entity notice boards and messaging system the portal provides an instant, auditable two way communication between client and service provider that can remove the potential security issues associated with emails.
Reduced Cost, Higher Productivity
Features such as client self-service and workflow integration capabilities help to streamline client servicing such that requests can be managed, delegated and completed with greater accuracy and efficiency.
In an increasingly online world there is an expectation by many for anytime, anywhere online access to information and services. The Client Servicing Portal is a practical way to provide clients with much more than a simple online...
Integrated Solution
Helping to minimise Total Cost of Ownership and maximise Return on Investment the Client Serving Portal integrates extensively with the ViewPoint solution and is capable of integrating with virtually any other modern third party application.
Improved Client Relationship Management
By providing clients with real time communication options, instant access to required information and documents effectively creates an invaluable online virtual office for clients.
Increasing Revenue
Whether directly charged as a genuinely premium service or more indirectly offered as part of your standard services the Client Servicing Portal positively differentiates your organisation and provides a variety of revenue...
The combination of client self-service, document management and integration workflow capabilities bring unparalleled efficiency to both the service provider and the client.