We also offer a comprehensive range of pre and post implementation services that help organisations maximise the benefit of ViewPoint within their operations.

What makes our services different?
ViewPoint is focused on the Entity and Wealth Management. As a result our support and servicing teams are very specialised and focused to ensure that they are aware of our clients’ needs in order to provide the highest possible level of services.
We stay focused on the ViewPoint solutions; we do not bother you with pro-active or aggressive marketing of our services. We do not start support discussions with a quote first. Our clients know we are here to help them when they need it and that they don’t need to be afraid of the cost of asking for help.
We genuinely believe that, where chargeable, support services need to be value for money so that clients can use our services to maximise the potential of our solutions.
Our international network of Sales and Support offices provide local/regional support services with staff who are aware of local user needs, business requirements, cultures and often the local language.
Using a centralised knowledge bank to support more than 5,000+ worldwide users means that our support teams can very efficiently identify and resolve any arising support issues.
To have an understanding of our clients’ industries our support teams include industry professionals such as accountants, lawyers, chartered secretaries and experienced company/trust professionals.
As testament to the quality of our support services ViewPoint has been awarded both Microsoft Network Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) status and the prestigious international standard ISO 20000 IT Service Management.
Complementing our relentless development and after more than 15 years of providing the highest quality support services we are proud to consider our near perfect client retention as a very positive indication that our clients are pleased with our services.
As well as an array of training materials, detailed feature information and process guidelines, each of our solutions include an online context sensitive help system that prompts users with assistance relevant to screens they are accessing and a library for researching other items.
In addition to telephone and email support we offer a desktop sharing service which allows our support teams to instantly view and, more often than not, immediately resolve support queries.
ViewPoint Relationship Managers know the ViewPoint solutions and how each of their clients use them. This helps bring a personal approach to the provision of all of ViewPoint’s services.