The ViewPoint Implementation Plan (VIP)
Whether large or small, the VIP presents a structured approach to client implementation that helps make the process as straightforward and stress free as possible, and our trained and experienced team is available to help with as much or as little as you like.

Broken into 5 stages our VIP approach is simple.

Sets the scope and organisational aspects of the implementation, includes the personnel, time frame, key deliverables, budget, and data conversions, etc.
A ‘Where Now’ and ‘Where To’ consultation and analysis exercise to collate, review and understand both current organisational processes, practices, needs, legacy system limitations and any future requirements that ViewPoint can deliver.
Taking the time to configure and optimise ViewPoint’s client derived, best of breed standard environment to cater for the specific solution, document and process needs and nuances of each organisation optimises the ViewPoint solution for each organisation needs.
Having thoroughly undertaken both discovery and preparation phases it is much easier to plan and execute a reduced risk and timely implementation phase that helps deliver not only a live solution but also create a positive first impression and minimise natural resistance to change.
As even the most carefully designed configuration is never perfect, we believe that working directly with day to day users post go-live can be a very efficient method to identify areas of potential configuration improvement and help boost user buy-in.