ViewPoint’s consultancy services give you access to advice and guidance from highly trained professionals with excellent knowledge of our products and our clients’ businesses.

ViewPoint’s experienced consultants are available to either carry out full installations or guide internal our clients personnel through the entire installation process.
Converting and migrating data from outgoing legacy systems can be an important and cost saving aspect of the implementation process. We offer substantial experience in this area, having undertaken conversions of many different systems from all over the world, and our consultants are available to guide you through every stage of the process from planning right through to acceptance and go-live.
A key attribute of ViewPoint is that it is highly configurable. Whether during the pre-implementation phase as part of the configuration process, or post implementation as an optimisation project, our consultants can offer experience, detailed system knowledge and significant industry knowledge to help organisations realise the full potential of ViewPoint.
ViewPoint consultants can advise you on how to link ViewPoint to other software programs for data sharing. For example, linking our Client Accountant program to a General Ledger Accounting program or Banking System.
Whether initial or refresher based, good quality training is the most effective way to ensure users are able to get the most out of ViewPoint in their daily operations. With this in mind, our international network of consultants can deliver the standard, structured user training program, or work with you to develop a specific program for your organisation.
Even after extensive training, questions always arise. Gather all your questions, issues and proposals concerning ViewPoint and have a ViewPoint consultant visit you for a Q&A session.