solution benefits
Whether used individually or together as an integrated solution ViewPoint improves efficiency and productivity whilst promoting standardisation and reducing human error.

Below are a small selection of how these benefits can help your organisation.
To facilitate better client servicing and more informed decision making, ViewPoint provides not only detailed entity and client relationship views/reporting, but also offers global relationship views for any individual, entity or third party.
The definable and auditable Workflow capabilities enable pre-approved and risk assessed processes to be defined. These defined Workflows not only help mitigate operational risks, but also provide management and users with high level and detailed views of both current and future workloads in order to provide accurate scheduling and timelier client servicing.
Complementing the Transaction and Workflow Management capabilities, ViewPoint offers a range of security and audit trail features to define exactly which users can access what records and the functions that can be used for each record.
Avoiding the inefficiencies of data duplication and promoting record accuracy, ViewPoint utilises a centralised Master File concept, which in addition to compliance and client due diligence information, also provides a single user reference point for all the past and present addresses and contact details of every person, intermediary, third party and managed entity maintained within the system.
In addition to capturing static client due diligence data, ViewPoint also provides a variety of tools, such as definable workflows, standardised document outputs, template based and advanced ad-hoc reporting and customisable configuration to help simplify and clarify compliance and risk management operations.
ViewPoint’s highly customisable and automated Microsoft Word and Excel based template generation system provide organisation-wide, accurate and consistent documentation. With the potential scope of the template design and content being virtually limitless, the standard libraries offer hundreds of best of breed templates, including statutory forms, minutes, invoices, business documents such as share certificates and a range of letter, fax and email templates.
Record creation, service configuration, WIP management, batch invoicing, document templates, straight through journals – all examples of features within ViewPoint that help service providers to streamline their internal processes by promoting automation, standardisation, consistency and accuracy.
In addition to providing an excellent business continuity tool, ViewPoint Document Manager is also a comprehensive solution that offers a range of features such as email recognition, automated indexing, template based correspondence generation, and workflow management to help streamline every aspect of document management.
Whether it be ‘board pack preparation’, meeting notice distribution by email, post-meeting minute production or follow-up action scheduling, ViewPoint offers a complete solution for the meeting management lifecycle.
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