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Author: Viewpoint

Caring For Our Communities

During the Covid-19 pandemic Viewpoint have reached out to support charitable causes close to our hearts. In Jersey, Viewpoint have donated several devices and a sum of £2,000 to Janet Hall of Mourants, who has devised a campaign to deliver

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New Corporate Identity

The Viewpoint logo has remained unchanged for 25 years – why change now? The branding was due for an update to reflect the dynamic and innovative nature of both Viewpoint the organisation and Viewpoint the solution. But we don’t believe in change for the sake of change, so we needed a tipping point. Continue reading

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Viewpoint Cloud Solution and SaaS

Working remotely, whether it be from home or elsewhere, is becoming increasingly popular and sometimes a necessity. One way to optimise your, and your colleagues, productivity when working outside the office would be to use Viewpoint as a secure cloud

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MDR, DAC6 & Economic Substance

Viewpoint has proven an invaluable solution for all aspects of AEOI FATCA and CRS. However, Viewpoint clients and users may be unaware that Viewpoint also caters for Mandatory Disclosure Requirements / DAC6 arrangement management and reporting, and also Economic Substance

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Coronavirus Update

We would like to update you on how Viewpoint is dealing with the Covid-19 situation and the lockdown measures enacted by governments around the world. In line with Viewpoint’s ISO20000 and ISO27001 certified procedures, we have enacted our business continuity

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