Streamlined and Instinctively Efficient
By following predefined streamlined processes users are not only assured to be working consistently and efficiently but they and their management can better view and manage current and future work in progress.

Highly flexible and client configurable categorised workflow libraries differentiate processes as necessary whilst gathering similar
   processes together for easier more accurate selection.
Workflow ‘Step’ library to allow specific processes to be very precisely defined to meet the service providers’ specific needs. These
  Steps can be subsequently re-used in other workflows.
The automated dynamic step selection feature changes the future workflow steps of any given process in accordance with user
   updates of previous process steps thus reducing the total number of processes required.
Both automated workflow and Step user assignment and ‘pending assignment’ features optimise individual resource and overall
   capacity management.
Multiple integration features – screen replication and client serving portal integration bring unparalleled efficiency and accuracy to
   administrative process.