Lowering Costs
Carefully and comprehensively prepared workflow process tasks provide a number of cost saving possibilities to be achieved throughout the service providers’ organisation.

Resource utilisation can be optimised as the detailed workflows can be used to guide junior personnel through processes ordinarily
   undertaken by more senior personnel.
Guided step by step instructions reduce ambiguity and human error and as a consequence transform unproductive time wasted on
   rework into productive/income generating time.
Workflow processes provide users with improved operational awareness and can become the basis of cost effective and focused
   internal user training.
Providing significant traditional and ‘in-group’ outsourcing opportunities the workflows and their component steps can be viewed and
   potentially undertaken by any (even remote) authorised user.
As processes become more efficient the creation of spare capacity will provide the opportunity for the review of current and future
   human resource capacity/skill set requirement and associated costs.