Revenue Increasing Options
A comprehensive variety of charging methods offers service providers the opportunity to introduce new billing
procedures that can be tailored to the needs of their clients and to optimise revenue.

Transaction ‘Journal’ charging, time chargeable by user rate, service rate, and fixed rate provide the
  opportunity to offer different revenue optimising charging methods.
Per user productivity targets – set by chargeable units and revenue derived - highlight
   business units/users that could be more productive.
WIP adjustment/re-assignment/deferral to manage exactly the amount and value of WIP being charged.
Disbursement recovery with automated mark-up option to cover the administrative cost of processing,
   out of pocket expenses and disbursements.
WIP ceilings ensure that WIP is effectively monitored and managed plus allows the billing of small
   amounts of WIP to be deferred until it is economical to invoice.