Encourages User Buy-In
To overcome the reasons users cite for not updating systems, every aspect of Entity Administrator is designed to encourage users
to rely on ViewPoint for virtually all their administrative, document and reporting needs.

A selection of examples that encourage user buy-in
Entity Administrator’s data capacity and interface design are both highly relevant and intuitive to entity management professionals,
   making it very easy to learn and use.
The standard scope of data that can be captured is enormous however the user fields capability increases the scope infinitely,
   thereby increasing the availability of useful data for users.
Ability to significantly customise the user interface and system outputs help make Entity Administrator uniquely relevant to each
   organisation's specific needs.
The automated document generation capabilities not only reduce user errors but also eliminate the need for users to spend
   time preparing standard documentation.
The ability for users to personalise the interface (e.g. create favorite, change screen layout preferences) means that each user
   can configure selected screen content to reflect their personal preferences and needs.