Instantly Accessible
There is little point in storing documents if users cannot intuitively and quickly find them. To help Document Manager offers a variety of easy to use searching tools that include parameterised and document content searching.

Client definable cabinet groups and cabinets names distinguish different categories of documents
   to ensure that searching is intuitive.
The system assigned and user defined indexing values can be used to quickly filter/narrow search results,
   e.g. by date, or document type (share certificate, minute, etc) or document format (pdf, doc, xls, etc).
Content searching features can rapidly find documents containing specific words or phrases.
An easy to use document linking feature enables documents that are relevant to one another to be
   electronically linked so that they can be stored separately but still be easily viewed together.
To help with precise document identification and selection a preview features allows a range of document
   file formats to be viewed without the need to open the file.