Single Integrated Solution
Normally a single integrated solution offers the efficiency benefit of requiring a single record to be created and maintained. Within Client Accountant the scope of benefits extends to the cross use of data from the other core ViewPoint functionalities to provide a seamless single solution.

Straight through processing of sales and purchase ledger information from Practice Manager is
   automatically updated in both the accounts of the service provider and the managed entity.
Accruals of non-invoiced WIP can also be instantly and accounted for to provide an up-to-the-minute
   accurate accounting information for each revenue company.
Any of the details maintained within Entity Administrator can be automatically included within the
   documents generated from Client Accountant, e.g. Registered Office, director and shareholder details can
   be included within the generated financial statements.
A useful linking feature allows any document or file stored in Document Manager to be linked to Client
   Accountant data, for example payment supporting documents linked directly to specific payment requests.