Lowering Costs with Increased Productivity
By providing book-keeping tools that promote accuracy and automate or reduce the amount of routine/repetitive tasks to be undertaken users are more productive and kept focused on value generating activities.

The editable draft journal concept allows users to enter and easily amend journals to ensure they are
   accurate without the need to repeatedly reverse and re-enter incorrect journals.
To avoid inaccurate and inefficient duplication of securities information it is held and globally accessible from
   a centralised Securities Master from which values can be updated globally and instantly.
Automated Microsoft Excel based preparation of all document outputs including Financial Statements help
   ensure documents and reports are prepared accurately and efficiently.
A variety of import tools are available to significantly reduce the time spent entering data and ensuring
   accuracy. Types of import data include bank and brokerage transactions, securities details and their market
   values, exchange rate data, opening balance information and journal information.
The significant improvements in user productivity and process simplification can provide an opportunity for
   service providers to review their capacity requirements, e.g. the number of personnel and skill set required