ViewPoint Partner Conference
25 September 2017

In September, we held the ViewPoint Partner Conference at our research and development office in Kuala Lumpur.

The week-long conference was attended by partners from locations across the world, and was an opportunity to put our heads together to look at new features and requirements and plan the ViewPoint system roadmap.

The input from partners is invaluable, and the feedback provided by them from their clients helps drive our strategy. Crucially, we receive input on how best to develop the software to meet our clients' needs.

There were many lively and informative discussions, but overall there was real agreement on several key areas where we should focus our efforts.

Everyone has been affected by increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, and are aware of the challenges that will come with new GDPR legislation. We are committed to ensuring ViewPoint delivers solutions to help enable our clients to implement the required processes.

There was recognition that the industry has a growing need to better serve its clients, by providing more in the way of digital, client self-service functionality, such as the Client Servicing Portal.

The week was broken up by a paintballing session on the Wednesday morning, and our brave (but slightly bruised) teams returned to deliver presentations relating to their own jurisdictions. The conference ended with a farewell dinner, a stunning view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline, and a shared and very positive outlook on the future direction of Viewpoint.