15 October 2015
As the year progresses our focus returns to making the Reportable Accounts screen in ViewPoint 7 “reporting ready”. We now need to add the United Kingdom to the already existing US option to record payment actions as well as simple balance reporting for authorities in both countries.

Earlier this year, we added the Identity Register and Reportable Accounts screens to ViewPoint for clients to enter relevant information for FATCA purposes. With the CRS Utility that was also provided to clients, the information was extracted to produce an XML file which was then successfully submitted to the various (tax) authorities around the ViewPoint client world.

The FATCA and CRS program features were made available without charge to clients and we are committed to continually provide assistance; we are ready for the next stage, with the UK FATCA enhancements again free of charge.

We recognise that clients will face the same “last minute” unknowns as to the format of the XML file to be submitted, but we wish to assure you that a team of programmers are busy keeping up with the implementation requirements as they become known. The CRS Utility is already completed as far as we know at this time. We will continue to monitor news items and amend the utility if/as required and recommend you to wait for downloading of it until you are ready to work on the XML output. The utility will be available for clients as before on the Support Web site.

If you are already in ViewPoint version 7.1.11 or higher, you will not require an upgrade to activate what is needed to do the preparatory work. If you are in a lower version than this, it is strongly advised that you organise having your environment upgraded as soon as possible to take advantage of this area of ViewPoint.”