FATCA - ViewPoint is here to help...
14 Nov 2012
The mobilisation of your FATCA project is still very much a topical issue, despite the one year delay in launch moving from January 2013 to January 2014.  This grace period will give you more time to review data, investigate the results and take any action necessary.   In order to identify master files which need closer investigation, ViewPoint has created a utility tool to facilitate the master file review process to find FATCA indicia, such as US addresses, nationality/domicile and telephone numbers.  When this tool is used to perform the file review, the system will automatically set the FATCA Status, a newly created field in your KYC/CDD folder at Master File level and provide you with additional reporting.
You have two options for adding this functionality to your environment.  Upgrade to the latest release of Version 7.  Or, if upgrading is not appropriate for you at this time, there is a "bolt-on" executable file, created especially so that an upgrade is not required in order to perform the same FATCA File Review in Version 6.2.  Ask your dealer for the relevant documentation to show you what you need to do.
There is no charge to clients for the bolt-on and related documentation.  You may, however, wish to request assistance from your local support providers should you find that you need some help in running the executable, understanding generally how it works and how to customise it for your needs, which may incur local charges.