Optimising ViewPoint
15 Sep 2010
The ‘ViewPoint Implementation Plan’ or the ‘VIP’ guide was introduced several years ago as a reference for new clients to consider when implementing ViewPoint or for existing clients when expanding their use of the ViewPoint solution.

Building on the success of the original VIP guide we have recently released the next evolution - a collection of solution optimisation annexes to complement the original.

With one annex for each functional area of ViewPoint, the aim is to provide new and existing users with a reference guide that answers frequently asked functional and operational questions as well as provides more comprehensive information on optional configuration ideas.

When asked about the guides, Rolf Heemskerk, Managing Director of ViewPoint, said “I am delighted that we have finished Phase One of the optimisation guides.  I am confident that they will prove an invaluable resource to clients, system managers and end-users in maximising the benefit that ViewPoint delivers to their day-to-day operations.”

For more details on the VIP guideline and optimisation annexes please contact your local ViewPoint representative.