Automating Bank Payments
26 Aug 2010
To perfectly complement ViewPoint's efficient electronic bank statement import with reconciliation, account journal creation and posting features, ViewPoint has released its integrated bank payment functionality.

This new module is simplicity in itself and follows standard payment processes.  A selection of the features include:
Global or File Specific Transaction Approval configurations including signatory grouping and transaction limitations.
File Specific Pre-Approved Payees.
Payee unique definable transaction parameters including recipient bank details, transaction limits, risk and compliance parameters.
Journal Script integration for automated journal creation
Transaction Import integration for automated journal posting and / or reconciliation.
Single File or Multiple File batch transactions.
Variety of output formats e.g. csv, xml etc. to suit the requirements of most Bank's.

Commenting on the new functionality Rolf Heemskerk Managing Director of ViewPoint, said "More and more of our clients are looking to ViewPoint to help them in their operations by promoting an ethos of accurate one-time data entry, improving governance, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.  It is a great addition to the already powerful ViewPoint Client Accountant functionality."

To find out more about the above new feature and other ViewPoint solutions please contact your local ViewPoint representative. Note that both the Bank Statement import and Payment are optional modules.