New Localised Features
28 Jul 2010
In certain jurisdictions such as Cyprus and Hong Kong; certain regulatory and statutory filings must be made in both English and the local language i.e.; Greek or Chinese.  Although ViewPoint has always supported this capability we have recently added two new features to cater for the most demanding of the localised filing rules. 

The first new feature is the ability to add an alternate description to the Relations and Officers values.  This alternate description can be the equivalent of the English title in another language, such as the Greek equivalent for “Director or Secretary”.  The alternate description can then be used for document generation purposes.

The second new feature is the ability to add the foreign language translation of an address to an address card. Again, the statutory forms can be coded to pick up either the English address or the local language address when generating.

For more details on this and any other ViewPoint feature please contact your local ViewPoint support centre.