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  16 March 2018   ViewPoint half day events in Isle of Man and Channel Islands (30 April, 2 May, & 4 May)
ViewPoint will be hosting three half day briefings in Isle of Man and the Channel Islands between 30 April and 4 May.
  16 March 2018   ViewPoint half day event in Gibraltar (23 April)
ViewPoint will be hosting a half day briefing in Gibraltar on Monday, 23 April.
  1 March 2018   Opening of Jersey office
ViewPoint Software Services Limited has now been registered in Jersey, with offices at Chamber House, 25 Pier Road, St. Helier.
  25 September 2017   ViewPoint Partner Conference
In September, we held the ViewPoint Partner Conference at our research and development office in Kuala Lumpur.

The week-long conference was attended by partners from locations across the world, and was an opportunity to put our heads together to look at new features and requirements and plan the ViewPoint system roadmap.
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